Thursday, October 28, 2021

To The Universe (Moon Phase Publishing/Floating White Lotus)

I’ve spent many weeks listening to this album.  With each listen new angle would open up.  The process kept my interest, and I continued to listen and explore.  So, how can the few weeks of listening be translated into words?

To The Universe is a creation by vocalist Steffie Moonlady, and multi-instrumentalist, Dennis Haklar.  The two of them are responsible for every sound on this album.  The music is very calm, but it goes through one’s conscience rather effectively.

The light ambient sounds are done with great imagination, and can at easy transport the listener into a very different mental setting.  The album has a very gentle approach, and Steffie Moonlady’s vocalizations are very calming and somewhat ritualistic.  It’s a very relaxing record that can ease your senses, and at times even put you to sleep. 

To The Universe is continuously achieving here is the ability to get the listener to slow down whatever they are doing.  Perhaps that is the big idea.  Pause your fast life, relax, and be one with the universe. 
The album has a very light feel, but even with that, there are some very dark moments.  They create a very special mood and dress it with instruments and voices.  While not everyone will be excited about To The Universe, the listeners who will discover this band will certainly feel rewarded for their efforts.

Mark Kadzielawa

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